Food trends come and go, a lot like the seasons. While some give us fond and fuzzy memories, others leave us grimacing at the mere thought (*cough cough Unicorn Frappuccino*).  The world of natural foods is no different and has already seen a few up-and-comers in 2018. This week on the blog, we’ve rounded up this […]

My Dad always said, “Life is a series of choices.” Albeit it was usually when scolding me, this phrase applies to a lot more situations but is too often pushed aside. Meal times feel the most neglect in choices. I know! Making healthy choices can often feel like a Herculean task with all the opinions […]

Bone Broth: Post Workout

Bow down Gatorade. Serious gym-goers across the nation have been turning to this age-old staple to go above and beyond workout recovery… Hello again friends. First of all, I understand that it might be a stretch for some of you to consider drinking bone broth post workout. If you would’ve asked me even a year […]

Essential Vitamins for Luxurious Hair

I will spare you all a shirtless photo of Fabio and start this post with a little throwback. You can thank me in the comments… About 3 hair dyes ago I was in Chicago for Lollapalooza with an ex. We stayed with his cousin; the classic, funny, metropolitan woman we all want to become. After […]

First let’s understand what’s going on upstairs… Your body is a machine and food is the fuel. As you eat, your body takes the fuel and burns it by breaking down food and packaging it for various parts of the body. When we eat healthy foods with good fats, our brains run like cars during […]

Healthy Pregnancy: How to Eat, Sleep and Train for Birth

There’s nothing like seeing that double pink line on a home pregnancy test to kick your rear in gear towards your health and fitness goals. Because not only are you “eating for two,” you’re also exercising, hydrating and sleeping for two. And you’re doing all of this as training for one of the most strenuous […]

In a world where people are using a plethora of chemicals to stay awake and go to sleep, can natural relaxation still be attainable? Stress. It’s the worst. After managing to obtain a degree in music performance, moving to the other side of the country, and starting work in an unfamiliar field, I would say […]

As many of you dear readers know at this point, I’m not always the best at being consistent with my eating habits. It’s easy to slip up in a country where people fought tooth and nail to bring the Twinkie back… But look, in the last few years the U.S. has seen a rise in […]

Bone Broth and Pregnancy

We all know that bone broth is a nourishing beverage good for most bodies, at most times. I was already sipping it on the regular – at least once a day – as part of a low-carb/intermittent fasting regimen to prepare my body for conception. But when I learned I was pregnant with our bean nugget […]

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