spicy bone broth braised short ribs

Slow-cooking beef short ribs may very well be one of my all-time favorite dishes to make and eat. While I would normally use a lot of red wine and port, we’re doing the #januarywhole30, so alcohol is out. It’s a good think there are badass companies like The New Primal, who make Whole30 Approved, sugar […]

Cauliflower bone broth chowder

Who doesn’t love a good chowder? Most chowder contains flour and dairy, and often wreaks havoc on our gut. So, we figured why not clean it up and make it both gut-friendly AND yummy. Here we use the cauliflower to create a creamy thickener that offers a similar texture to traditional chowder, without the stomach […]

beef bone broth vegetable soup

Beef and Vegetable Stew Serves: 6-8 | Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 45 minutes  INGREDIENTS  2 pounds top sirloin, cut into 1” pieces 1-2 tablespoons of ghee (We use Tin Star Foods!) 2 pouches Bare Bones Gass-fed Beef Bone Broth (+ 2 cups water if more soupiness is desired!) 1 onion, thinly sliced 3 carrots, peeled […]

supercharged Whole30 soup

Have you guys tried ZUPA NOMA soups yet? If not, we highly recommend heading over to their store locator, or ordering online. Katherine and I have a handful of brands in the natural food space that we adore, and ZUPA is definitely our latest crush. Let me explain. I fell in love with the idea […]

turkey chili stuffed acorn squash

You guys! Go ahead and add this turkey chili stuffed acorn squash into your Whole30 meal plan. Katherine and I love chili, and can’t imagine doing a January Whole30 without chili on the menu. It’s so comforting, and often times feels a little naughty due to it’s richness. We also love stuffing food inside of […]

bone broth soup jar

Looking for quick, easy and nourishing meals for your Whole30? We’re filling our fridge with these instant soup jars to get us through the January Whole30. These are SO simple to advance prep in bulk, and can be a lifesaver on those inevitable days you’re busy, hangry, or both, to keep you from falling off […]

fennel soup bone broth

Fennel has a mild licorice flavor that becomes even milder the longer it is cooked, making this soup quite refreshing. This soup is delicious served hot or cold! Did you know white beans are packed with antioxidants and magnesium, which help to eliminate free radicals and regulate stress levels. Fennel and White Bean Soup   Serves: 2 | […]

Butternut Squash Lasagna with Cashew Cheese  Serves: 4-6 | Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: about 1 hour Equipment Needed: Cast Iron Skillet / Sauté Pan Food processor Knife Bowls Peeler Mandoline INGREDIENTS Herbed Cashew “Ricotta Cheese” 2 cups raw cashews 2 cups water zest of 1 lemon juice of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon sea salt ½ […]

bone broth collagen stuffed squash

Delicata squash is my favorite squash to eat. The texture is perfectly creamy and buttery, and the skin is pleasantly edible. When roasted just right, the buttery flesh combined with the skins texture is simply divine. I love eating just the squash, roasted with a little ghee, salt and pepper. Because of their size and […]

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