tomato basil soup

Who loves tomatoes?! We sure do! In fact, we usually have a handful of different varieties growing in the garden. Sweet 100’s, cherry, pear and black krim are some of our favorites. Each with their own nuance and character, tomatoes are one of the most versatile veggies you can cook with. Man are they loaded […]

  As we continue to work on building our brand and reach, we want to provide you with creative recipes that will really empower you to take charge of your health and have fun as you cook for yourself and for your family. Here, we had a blast creating a flavorful, fun gluten-free version of […]

I love making sauces! There is something about the flavor-building process where I find solace. I know this will be my first sauce recipe posted and thus far, the easiest to prepare, but I have grand plans for a library of sauces! Why?! Just as a great stuffing is always behind a great Thanksgiving, behind every great […]

Thanksgiving, for me, wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without a good stuffing. Don’t get me wrong, the turkey should always steal the show, but behind every great Thanksgiving is a great stuffing! One of my favorite things about the paleo lifestyle, aside from the numerous physical and mental health benefits, is the never-ending opportunity for […]

While hiking this past weekend, I was thinking of ways to improve the beef bourguignon recipe. This led to various reconstructions and eventually landed me at this burger. Of course, a burger! Why not take all the components of that rich and meaty stew and transform them into a mouth-watering mammoth of a burger?! This […]

I love beef. I also love a good sauce. Beef bourguignon, AKA beef burgundy, is a delicious classic French stew that demonstrates a beautiful marriage of the two. It is a very simple dish despite its French origin and that culture’s affinity for elaborate technique. Because of its simplicity, the things you can do with […]

I love root vegetables! I especially love simple preparations that really highlight what the veggie is all about. During a recent outing to a local Korean market I noticed some gobo (A.K.A. burdock) root. These were three feet long and wrapped in plastic, I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t burdock since I was working at […]

So it’s officially fall here in SoCal despite the lack of cool weather and beautiful foliage one would find out east. Regardless, fall brings with it two of my favorite things, hockey and soup! Since I recently built a smoker it was a no-brainer for me to break it in on some beautiful local butternut […]

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