bone broth broccoli soup

Broccoli and cheese is one of those food combinations that will live forever, Like pumpkin spice, or sea salt & vinegar, it has staying power. There’s something about the richness and fattiness of the cheese combined with the earthiness of the broccoli that creates an umami flavor we simply cannot resist. This is one of […]

turmeric lime bone broth lentils

For being one of the most nutrient-dense, protein-rich and economical foods ever, lentils don’t seem to get a ton of love here in the US. Lately, we’ve been adding them into soups and stews for their texture, added protein, fiber, and plethora of health benefits. We love experimenting in the kitchen, always looking for ways […]

bone broth butternut squash & veggie soup

Butternut Squash & Veggie Soup Serves: 4-6 | Prep Time: about 5 minutes | Cook Time: about 40 minutes INGREDIENTS 1 onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp cumin 1 tbsp sea salt 1 tbsp black pepper 1 to 2 tsp honey 1 pouch Bare Bones Tomato & Spice Bone Broth 4 cups of water (or, 1 […]

shepards pie

Shepard’s pie, sometimes called “Cottage Pie”, is basically a meat pie that has a mash potato crust on top. Sounds awesome, right? Well, we cannot stress our love for this dish enough. It’s a pretty easy dish to make, since you’re adding everything into one pan, and it’s a great platform for unlimited improvisation. So, […]

bone broth thai coconut chicken soup

We’re taking it back this week with the original coconut soup. Tom Kha Gai is the quintessential Thai soup that has existed in one form or the other for over 100 years. We love its simple yet rich and sweet flavors, which get better if left overnight in the fridge, so plan on doubling this […]

cauliflower bone broth soup

\ Soup season is upon us! So, get ready to be inundated with soup recipes. We love soup, and you should too, unless we’re talking about the canned stuff made with highly processed ingredients and sodium high enough to kill a small horse. We’re talking about the stuff made with fresh vegetables, herbs, spices that […]

bone broth pumpkin spice latte

\ Well, it looks like we’re officially into PSL season. Now you can suck down a whopping 50g sugar (1.5-2x recommended daily amount) in one latte. OR, you can make your own low-sugar alternative in minutes using REAL food ingredients! This version is rich, creamy, pumpkiny, and downright delicious. So give it a try and […]

quinoa bone broth parfait

Still cooking quinoa with water? C’mon, it’s 2017! Every time you cook grains or legumes, yo have an opportunity to infuse your meal with not only more flavor, but you’ll reap all the benefits bone broth has to offer. Bone broth is so much more than a trendy warm sipping beverage. Over the years we’ve […]

chocolate almond butter chia smoothie

Leave the highly processed bone broth protein powder for the supplement junkies and fuel up using REAL, wholesome food. We’ve been asked too many times now if we’ll be coming out with a bone broth powder, and every time my eyes promptly roll back into my head. Candidly, we’ve looked into developing this product, but […]

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