Stress, Yeast Overgrowth & How To Kill It Off

stress can aggravate yeast overgrowthPhoto by Imani Clovis

You can eat the cleanest diet ever and still get gut infections, inflammation, and yeast overgrowth. How? Elevated stress levels can cause yeast overgrowth.

When you’re stressed, your body releases more of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can weaken the immune system, and at the same time, cause elevated levels of blood sugar. Since yeast feeds off of sugar, it is able to grow much quicker than normal. Our brains are connected to our gut, where everything lies. So regardless of our diet, it does no good if we’re stressed. I personally believe that we can eliminate yeast overgrowth just by de-stressing…why? Because my diet pretty much stays the same if I’m on a “yeast cleanse” or not.

If you want to kick a yeast overgrowth in the bootay QUICK, here’s what you need to do and why.

Author: Kate
Katherine Harvey, a former business journalist, cofounded Bare Bones with her husband, Ryan, in 2013 to provide the world with essential whole foods that promote overall health & wellness.