The Ultimate Food Fight

When we started Bare Bones we had all these great ideas for what it would be and what it would become. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into, and just how hard it would be to launch and grow a food company. We’ve been so focused on just the operational execution and keeping up with demand that we haven’t had the time to develop and execute on some of the social initiatives we originally came up with.

Beginning right now, we are excited to announce our commitment to fight against food waste and hunger.

This initiative is something that we’ve been weaving into the fabric of our business since day one, and we couldn’t more excited to kick things off!

The Statistics  

Each year, roughly 1/3 of all food that is produced in the US ends up in landfills.

At the same time, 40 million Americans are living in a state of food insecurity. This means that they don’t know when they’ll eat their next meal.

This is quite startling, and we wish it were as easy as diverting this food from landfills and giving It those in need, but it’s not. While we cannot control the food that is thrown away in restaurants and homes across the county, we can play a part in rescuing food at various stages of its production cycle.

Fighting for Food  

To make the biggest impact possible, we are committed to sourcing as much waste stream from organic farms and ranches across the country as we can. Waste stream in this context is referring to produce that is “ugly” or misshapen and therefore never even leaves the field in which it was grown. This includes carrots, onions and tomatoes. It’s also referring to parts of animals that are often too costly for small ranchers to process because they’ve never had the demand to justify the cost, so it’s always been cheaper to just toss it out. This includes the pieces and parts of the chickens, cows and turkeys used to make our bone broth.

Feeding the Hungry

Now that we’re working toward eliminating farm waste, we can work on feeding the hungry. As of February 1st, 2017 we have begun donating a portion of proceeds from every sale to provide a meal to someone in need. Our very first partner in this is fight is right here in our own community – the Oregon Food Bank. Through the Oregon Food Bank, we will be helping to feed the roughly 270,000 people statewide who receive food from a food pantry through the Oregon Foodbank Network.

Check out this rad video to learn more!

This is only the beginning and we cannot begin to thank you enough for your support up to this point and our only hope is that we will continue to grow as people, as a business, and as a loving community through food.