Our Philosophy


adjective : the most basic elements or essentials.


We are what we eat. Which is why a good bone broth begins with the animal. We only source bones from animals that lived the good life; strolling and grazing open pastures and lands as nature intended. The bone and marrow health of these animals is essential in producing a bone broth that will contain a dense amount of nutrients without any junk from a poor diet or lifestyle. Using as many different parts of the animal as possible to maximize the nutrient content, we pride ourselves on this “nose-to-tail” approach to healing through food. We see ourselves as leaders in recognizing, supporting and advocating for responsible and sustainable whole-animal practices.


Not only do we source the best ingredients, our broths are simmered in small batches at low temperatures, as it’s been done by cultures around the world for a long time. This time consuming but necessary process is what sets us apart and allows us to preserve the integrity of these nutrients so critical in promoting a healthy mind, body and soul. We pride ourselves in offering the healthy upgrade from major stock and broth brands that you’ll find on the market today.


The most compelling argument for consuming bone broth comes from the gut. The gut is one of the only parts of the body that never rests. With more than a trillion different bacteria working around the clock to keep us alive, it’s no wonder that the majority of us experience stomach issues regularly. We believe in food as fuel, and the absorption and use of this fuel begins in the gut. A slight imbalance in the gut bacteria can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, most commonly: bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and more severely: autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., depression and schizophrenia. The gut-mind connection is so strong yet so fragile. We encourage you to discover the joy in eating to heal by embarking on your own journey to reconnect with your health through food.


Stock-making has long been the first thing taught in culinary schools and professional kitchens around the world. This is no coincidence, as stock made from the bones and joints of animals is where soup, sauce, stew, meat and grain preparations begin in many cultures and cuisines throughout history. It's the secret to flavorful soups and stews. It's what gives sauces their silkiness, rich body and mouth feel. It's what leaves you feeling nourished and re-energized after polishing off a few bowls of Grandmas' chicken soup. We love learning from and honoring our past, which is why Bare Bones products will always begin with a flavorful, rich and gelatinous bone broth.