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  • FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $50

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  • FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $50

  • FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $50

  • FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $50

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5,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Revitalize your post-surgery body with the nourishing benefits of bone broth.

Bare Bones is delicious, nutrient-dense, and ready to sip in seconds.

All-in-one nutrition your body needs to thrive

Quick and easy snack that's high protein and low carb

Clean ingredients to support your gut and immunity

Delicious flavors that won't sacrifice your health goals

A savory protein source to fuel your new lifestyle

Mouthwatering Flavors

Satisfaction Guarantee

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"Bone Broth is particularly beneficial to bariatric surgical patients."

Bone broth is low in calories and rich in protein; as a result, it can provide a nourishing snack that will help keep you satisfied longer. When your appetite is suppressed, it can be a challenge to hit all of your nutritional goals. Bone Broth creates a nutrient dense, clear, savory, liquid option to aid in reaching your protein goals.

What are some of the PROVEN benefits of Bone Broth?

Joint Health - Immune Function - Good for Digestion - Slows Down Skin Aging - Aids in Weight Loss - Improved Sleep Quality - Fights Inflammation

How can I use bone broth throughout the post-op diet progression?


Bone broth can be used as is, and sipped on slowly as you begin your healing process.


Bone broth can continue to be used in its liquid form to break up the sweetness of other protein rich supplements, and compliment your savory flavor profile.


You can utilize bone broth as a fluid to retexture your food, while enhancing its protein content, for example, you can boil potatoes in bone broth and then utilize the broth to blend the potato to make a protein-rich mashed potato.

SOFT FOODS - 3 Weeks

You can utilize bone broth packets as seasoning to add protein to meatloaf, soft cooked beans, or as a base to a sauce.


It is still imperative you hit your protein goals. Bone broth can be used in place of a cup or tea or coffee for a warm beverage, count towards your hydration goals, it can be utilized as a snack, flavor enhancer, quick meal on-the-go, a base to soups, and so much more.

...So you can feel your absolute best, FAST.

Better Bone Broth 

For Your Better Lifestyle

Most store-bought bone broth is mass-produced by big food corporations. They're cheaply made, taste bland, and full of processed ingredients.

At Bare Bones, we wanted to make a nutritionally dense bone broth that tastes delicious, and we have been doing so for almost 10 years now. Our recipe has been perfected to create an experience that's high-quality, convenient, and tastes amazing!

Step 1

Choose your flavors - our most popular are Beef and Chicken!

Step 2

All our ingredients are carefully sourced and inspected to ensure the highest quality

Step 3

We slow-simmer our bones for 18+ hours at perfect temperatures to maximize nutrition









Why Bare Bones?

We’re on a mission to reimagine broth as a fun, healthy and delicious source of nourishment for better meals, better energy, and better living. We want to meet you wherever you are with nourishing, great-tasting products in a form that best fits your lifestyle. Whether it’s as a base for a home cooked meal, or an energizing sipping snack, we got you covered.

Loved by Bariatric Surgery Patients

"I bought these for my pre-op diet for bariatric surgery. They did the trick! They added variety cause you get tired of sweet protein shakes . They are better than the broth in the can/box at the markets . Plus they have more protein."

Angie F.

Verified Buyer

"I'm really enjoying this product. It has a great flavor and is filling. I recommend this for anyone who is either prepping or has gone through a bariatric surgery. Or if they just went through gallbladder surgery like my self. Or if they're trying to watch what they eat but still need to get their nutrients."

Bernice V.

Verified Buyer

"I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery in July . This has helped me in my recovery process. Great for just drinking a cup or flavor enhancing other dishes."

Penny M.

Verified Buyer

Bare Bones

vs. Other Bone Broth

We are obsessed with making the best tasting and most nutrient dense bone broth. No shortcuts, no cheats, and we don't sell anything less than our quality standard, which is higher than our competition.

Other Broth brands

Clean, quality ingredients

Ingredients you can't pronounce

Delicious and savory flavor

Watered-down taste

Hand crafted by our chef founder

Engineered by scientists for profit

Made with real bones

Made with meat concentrate

No hormones or antibiotics

Artifical flavors and emulsifiers

Slow-simmered for maximum nutrition and efficacy

Minimal nutrient density

Trusted by Bariatric Experts

“Bone broth is an essential component of our patient’s post-procedure nutrition plan, when they are transitioning through a liquid diet, and beyond. High quality, nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest protein is critical during this period.”

- Christopher McGowan, MD, MSCR, AGAF, FASGE

“Bone broth boosts protein intake while also keeping you hydrated. It is packed with important vitamins and minerals that support digestion, joint health and is low in calories. You can add bone broth to soups, vegetables and more to increase overall protein intake."

- Paige Craven, Licensed Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

"Bone broth is high in different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, collagen, amino acid glycine, and other nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health."

- Lori Gooch, RDN, LDN 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

Mouthwatering Flavors

At Kettle & Fire, we're all clean-living health nuts, but we also LOVE great tasting food. That's why each product we make has to taste amazing. It's the taste of a cheat meal that satisfies the strictest dietary standards. So you can enjoy again and again.

Beef Instant Broth

The classic, delicious beef flavor makes the perfect savory sipping snack or addition to your favorite recipe.

Chicken Instant Broth

The classic, light & refreshing savory flavor that makes it the perfect addition to any lunch box, office desk, post-workout regimen or on-the-go lifestyle.

Mushroom Instant Broth

Our rich and umami Mushroom bone broth pairs grass-fed beef bone broth and collagen with roasted mushrooms, garlic and herbs to create a complex flavor while remaining perfectly balanced.

Ramen Instant Broth

Inspired by the nostalgia of our favorite craft ramen shops, our first-of-its-kind Ramen broth delivers big on flavor and nourishment, so you can have your ramen and slurp it too. Made with Chicken Broth.

Lemon Ginger Instant Broth

Our Lemon Ginger bone broth offers something refreshing and unique with its citrusy lemon and freshly grated ginger, deliciously and delicately balanced by the sweetness of organic honey. Made with Chicken Broth.

Thai Coconut Instant Broth

Inspired by Tom Kha Gai Soup, our Thai Coconut bone broth marries chicken bone broth with coconut milk, lemongrass, and Thai chili for a refreshing and warm take on this classic soup from Thailand. It's rich and creamy, yet tangy and salty.

30-Day Happiness Guarantee

We stand by our products 100%. However, food (especially taste) is highly subjective. If you are unhappy with any of our products, we ask that you notify us within 30 days of the receipt of your order. For first-time orders only, we will issue a full refund for products you are unhappy with.

Hurry, this deal ends soon!

Try Bare Bones today so you can...

Easily obtain the daily nutrition you need to thrive

Eliminate cravings that sacrifice your health goals

Enjoy great tasting foods that meet your dietary restrictions

Keeps you on track with your healthy eating habits

Feel the benefits of bone broth without making it yourself

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4x of Beef Bone Broth

4x Chicken Bone Broth

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5x Chicken Bone Broth

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4x Beef Bone Broth

4x Chicken Bone Broth

4x Mushroom Chicken

4x Turmeric Ginger

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Do You Want A Different Flavor?

Maybe you want just one flavor or want to explore more about Bare Bones. Check our other amazing products that are still available and make your own bundle!

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See below for our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your answer or just want to say hello, send us an email at support@kettleandfire.com. Our expert support team will be happy to help you!


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