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Bare Bones Gives™

Thanks to you,

We've donated over 400,000 servings
of bone broth to food insecure families.

What is Bare Bones Gives?

Bare Bones Gives partners with organizations to donate our nutritious bone broth to families in need. We believe it’s important to provide lasting food and nutrition security for these families, helping nourish bodies and minds in the process.

Bare Bones Gives is designed to build lasting relationships with our partners and to help create enduring change in their communities. We look forward to growing Bare Bones Gives in the coming years as we partner with organizations doing work in food insecure communities around the country.

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from our founders
Katherine & Ryan Harvey:

Why do we donate?

More than 50 MILLION people in America do not know where their next meal is coming, including 9 million children. And too often when that meal does arrive, it is often lacking in substantive nutrition.

How can you get involved?

Getting involved is easy! We donate broth with every subscription order you place! Whether you want to start an Instant Broth Subscription or a Liquid Broth Subscription, we will donate broth on your behalf!

Our Partners:

What is Wellfare?

Over 50 million Americans don't have access to nutritious food.

Welfare is on a mission to solve food insecurity and transform the state of grocery and nutrition in low-income communities across the country. We start by aligning with the best food companies in the country to streamline donations of nutritious food into low-income communities — with a practical approach to nutrition, an elevated customer experience and a commitment to owning the entire lifecycle from procurement to distribution.

Join our mission & support the cause
by starting your first purchase!

Tag us in your recipe posts on Instagram & we'll donate broth on your behalf!