Bare Bones Sampler

$69.99 / 6 Pack

Can't decide which Bare Bones Broth to sip on or cook your next epic meal? The Bare Bones Sampler is a perfect way to sample all of our flavors and discover your favorite.

The Bare Bones Sampler Contains: 2 Classic Chicken, 2 Classic Beef, 1 Rosemary & Lemon Chicken, and 1 Tomato & Spice Beef.

  • 16 oz
  • Organic Pasture-raised animals
  • Organic vegetables & herbs
  • No gluten, casien, carageenan, phosphates, MSG, artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • No added sugar or flavorings
  • No antibiotics, growth stimulants, or hormones
  • Gluten free, paleo friendly, Whole30 Approved